You might all know by now that Blossom is an organization which focuses on leadership development, empowerment and mentoring services for teens. As such, we are passionate about helping our teens build their confidence and self-esteem.

Our President & Founder, Jessica Rosario, was asked to put together a workshop for the OCPS Parent Academy where teens can identify triggers which negatively impact our confidence, how to handle them with a positive attitude and tips to help them build their confidence as well those who surround them. In this workshop, our teens also learned how to create a personal shield which they can keep in a visible area to remind them of how to shield themselves from the negative and confidently love themselves for the truly awesome individuals they really are!

Confidence Triggers

While we can always identify many things which make us loose confidence in ourselves and how to change our mindsets about them, some that stood out were:
• Negative peer pressure: Turn this into positive influence. Be a leader!
• Comparing ourselves: Turn this into complimenting each other. Embrace your individuality!
• Criticism: Accept critics and respond with a compliment. They won’t see that one coming!

Confidence Boosters

Some of the tips discussed on how to build more confidence were:
• Listen to encouraging music
• Surround yourself with positive people
• Be a positive influence everywhere you go
• Look at the bright side
• Envision your success
• Give yourself a pep talk (without looking or sounding crazy)

Hands-on Activity
Create a personal shield that you can use to protect yourself from negative influence. This is a quick and easy activity that anyone can do at home. All it takes is a sheet of paper, a pen and your creativity.

Personal shield activity instructions:
1. On a blank piece of paper, draw a shield. Think about the kind that Captain America or Wonder Woman use. Make it your own.
2. On that shield create boxes. You can create as many or as few as you’d like. In our activity, we created six to eight boxes within the shield.
3. Answer the following questions or be creative and make your own questions:
○ My favorite place is _____
○ When I’m happy I do this _____
○ One thing I would like to do is _____
○ The best compliment someone has given me is _____
○ My biggest strength is _____
○ One thing I want to work on is _____
○ My favorite place is _____

The teens had an opportunity to showcase their personal shields and take them home to share with their families. This was an easy activity which allowed the teens to share, learn about each other and learn more about themselves. I heard someone once say “Friendships are a mathematical formula. Disregard the people in your life who subtract or divide you. True friends are those who add and multiply you.” When you are confident about who you are and know how to shield yourself from negativity, you become more positive!

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