Are you having trouble getting your teen to comply with social distancing?

Trust me… I know the feeling! I have two of those also! 😊

While I don’t have all the answers, I’ve put together a few tips to help you encourage your teen to STAY HOME.

Check them out below and feel free to share some of the things that have helped you also.

Social Distancing Tips for Parents and Teens

  • Encourage them to take part in the kitchen. You’ll be surprised… teens love snacks and sweets, and they love baking just as much! Allow them to become creative in the kitchen. Make them responsible for lunch or dinner. Just don’t expect them to do the dishes too!
  • Outdoor activities are good bonding experiences. Take a moment to jump in the pool, catch some sun or turn on that fire pit. They get a kick out of reminiscing their childhood or simply having conversation of what the future could bring. They want your time. They just won’t tell you.
  • Empathize with them. What our nation is going through is tough for everyone. They are scared and have a sense of feeling unsafe. Acknowledge their feelings. Assure them that this is temporary although we don’t see the end right now. Remind them that staying home is for everyone’s safety.
  • Social distancing is not online distancing. Have them take advantage of technology. Remind them they can still use FaceTime, zoom or other platforms. You’re not limiting their friendship connections, you’re limiting the physical contact which is ultimately for their very own safety.

Remind them that it is our social responsibility to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. These times are uncertain for our children and ourselves. Take a moment to acknowledge that their feelings are very valid and commit to work through it together.

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Stay well!

Jessica Rosario

Founder, Blossom of Central Florida Inc