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Welcome to our first blog post!

This site was created to share resources and highlight our organization’s mission. Enjoy the read!

Message from Jessica Rosario, President & founder of Blossom of Central Florida INC:

People often ask me: “What is Blossom and How did it come about?” Well, let me explain. Blossom started as an idea after going through a bumpy road in life as a mother of two teenage daughters. I had to do some reflecting and self-analysis which is when I realized the need my daughters had (and still have) of finding a mentor for them outside of me, “mom”. As a mother and having shared some of my own darkest moments throughout my daughters evolution from girls to tweens to teens, I knew there was just no way I could do this thing of raising teens all by myself. Many moments I looked at them and wondered where did I lose control, or when did I lose myself? It was then that I realized that my daughters needed more. More freedom, more control of their life (yes as scary as that sounds), more adult exposure of someone who can say the same things as I could say. You see, it’s not that my words were wrong, it’s that my words had more value when it came from someone else. Someone who was relatable, who was empowering and who was engaging.
This is why Blossom is so powerful. It’s a program that allows teenage girls to find their inner-beauty, express themselves, network with other girls their ages and be of service to others. Being of service to others comes in so many ways. Whether it’s a food drive, feeding the homeless or helping on building each other, these girls are developing their leadership skills while identifying their purpose and being confident about their individuality and who they are. Our focus is to see them Blossom into beautiful young ladies, and that’s how our name came about.

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